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Chiropractic Adjustments

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Chiropractic Adjustments in Chula Vista

Chiropractic adjustments involve gentle spinal manipulations by a chiropractor to align the spine properly, promoting overall health.

We offer health education and address various health concerns beyond just back or neck pain. The process typically begins with a health history and examination, followed by tailored adjustments to alleviate symptoms and improve health, with guidance on maintaining well-being between visits.

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

Pain Relief

Improved Range of Motion

Reduced Muscle Tension

Enhanced Posture

Injury Recovery

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About Chiropractic Adjustments in Chula Vista

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor uses spinal adjustments or manipulations to gently move your spine into proper alignment so your body and all its systems are properly supported for optimal health. Chiropractors may also provide health education and guidance about lifestyle behaviors, healthy living, or advice on how to keep your spine and your body in good health between adjustments. Although they work with the spine, they treat a wide array of health issues, not just back or neck pain.

What happens during a chiropractic visit?

First, our doctors will take a health history and perform a general exam to determine what symptoms you're experiencing. Based on the information from the exam, they will utilize specific adjustments aimed at improving or relieving your symptoms and helping you achieve better health. Each adjustment uses a controlled force to realign an individual joint that has become misaligned or is otherwise not functioning correctly. At the end of your exam, we will discuss strategies for maintaining your health between adjustments.

Is chiropractic adjustment safe?

Yes, chiropractic spinal adjustments have been used successfully for many, many years to treat a range of health issues. Chiropractors go through years of training in technique and anatomy of the spine including the neck, so they understand how to assess the spine and determine where and how adjustments need to be made.

How does chiropractic care “work” to treat medical problems?

Your spine contains many nerves that branch off to serve every area of the body. When the spine is out of alignment, it can create pressure points that interfere with the nerve signals necessary for proper organ and tissue function. By making sure the spine stays in proper alignment, the nerves are able to transmit messages from your brain to the rest of your body so your health remains optimized.

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What Patients Are Saying

Nina B.

"This was my first visit to American Chiropractic. Everyone was very friendly, from the moment I arrived, to making a future appointment, before I left. Dr Weinzimer was kind, and listened about my areas of concern. He explained how the visit would go, then I went to another room where a hot, moist pack was put over my entire back. After that, he adjusted the areas that had been bothering me. I will be going back for more adjustments. Thank you Dr. Weinzimer and staff for a very good experience. "

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